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02/15/17 07:22 AM #133    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Wonderful shot.  I love Tucson!  Sounds like you are going to have loads of fun.  Good for you.


02/15/17 10:43 AM #134    

David Rosenthal (Rosenthal)

Great pic! Sorry we missed you - but Maui was wonderful!

02/15/17 12:19 PM #135    

Edward Hoornaert (Hoornaert)

You were in Tucson? You should've let me know so we could get together.  This feels like an opportunity lost.

Carl Vikstrom is currently visiting Tucson -- and as a matter of fact, at this very moment I'm in the middle of an e-mail exchange with him and his wife to meet for dinner. Glad your knee replacement went well; mine took a long time, a year or two, before I was able to go hiking, but now it's fine.


02/16/17 11:03 AM #136    


Mark Podolner

Anette - 

We had some of the best hiking ever there, especially in Sauguro National Park. It was a test of my new knee and, much to my joy, I passed. Thanks for responding to my post. 


02/16/17 11:05 AM #137    


Mark Podolner

Ed - 

I didn't realize you were in Tuson or I definitely would have liked to connect to you. But I have a feeling I'll be back soon. In fact I would move there if I didn't have grandkids here. I just have to come in the summer to see what that's like. 


02/16/17 11:08 AM #138    


Mark Podolner

David and Leah - 

I can't imagine why you'd prefer to be in Maui rather than Scottsdale. Seriously, I am sorry we missed each other but I have a feeling we'll be back soon (unless we go to Maui instead). I want to see what it's like in the summer in you neck of the woods. 

02/17/17 01:40 PM #139    

Edward Hoornaert (Hoornaert)

Re: Arizona summers

My brother in law (who was a professor at U Arizona) used to say that northerners come to Tucson in February and think they've died and gone to heaven. When they come back in July, they realize they've gone the other way.

02/18/17 06:02 PM #140    


Mark Podolner

Ed - 

That sounds about right but how do you deal with the summers? I'm guessing it's much like we Chicagoans deal with winter - you don't go out much and stay in heated environments.


04/07/17 02:07 PM #141    


Mark Podolner

Greetings to you all - 

I just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday today since this auspicious occassion is not listed on the South Shore High School web site. Seriously, I am very glad to be alive today and looking forward to exciting activities (a Mediterranean Cruise in a few days and Yellowstone in the late summer) and parties and get-togethers with friends and families. Finally, my grandchildren (the love of my life) are now 6, 8, and 10 so it looks like the Podolners will continue on after me. 

When I get back (in early May) from the cruise and some travel in Spain and France, I will be setting up a SSHS class of 65 Chicago area facebook page which will make it easier to get together for some of the luncheons we have had recently. 


04/08/17 07:22 AM #142    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Can't you use the page we have? If not....More lunches sounds good.

04/08/17 08:56 AM #143    


Nancy Apel (Jones)


hi  mark I guess you missed my birthday greeting.i hope you had a great day with your family celebrating.we just returned from Florida.spent time with my oldest childhood friend from was when are we getting together for our 70th birthday party?has the place been picked yet?will we inform everyone on this site?keep in touch.send my love to your wife.Nancy




04/08/17 09:04 AM #144    


Susan Moise (Herman)

Happy birthday Mark. Looks like you have a very busy year coming up with lots of fun/exciting adventures included.  Would love to join you if you get some folks to gether in Chicago...alway fun catching up with everyone.

I've been enjoying FL since early January. Will head home around 5/10 via Missou to see my step-granddaughter graduate college (the ohter graduates this August). You're right about grandkids....a joy!

Stay healthy, and enjoy all the family/friends and trips!


Sue Herman


04/08/17 11:43 AM #145    


Mark Podolner

Annette - 

I'm am not too swift in my use of various web sites and I have difficulty following the dialogue on this site. I have become very comfortable with facebook and the way it operates. The new facebook page would primarily be for a small number of people in the Chicago area who want to arrange luncheons and other social get-togethers. 

04/08/17 04:39 PM #146    


Peggy Brunner (Thurman)



I sent BIRTHDAY WISHES to you on our high school website. Thought you were using it, there we're concerns

about ads being placed on there. Sure hope you have a great day!

Peggy Brunner-Thurman

04/08/17 08:24 PM #147    


Paul Jevert

Hi Mark, Happy Big Birthday for your Mile Post 70 ! I hope you enjoy your cruise and have temperate weather and balmy breezes with calm seas ! All the best !

04/08/17 08:56 PM #148    


Mark Podolner

Thank's Paul but I'm just a baby at 69 years of age as of yesterday. Well wishes to you too. 


04/09/17 08:38 AM #149    

Joan Pantsios

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Have a lovely cruise.  What a wonderful way to celebrate.

I hope that people will continue to use this site, even with the Facebook page, as many people do not use Facebook.  I'd be sorry to miss another get-together.

04/09/17 10:07 AM #150    

Cynthia Rittenberg (Slade)

Happy Birthday Mark

Hope you have a wonderful 69th birthday year filled with small adventures, joy and health.


04/10/17 04:15 PM #151    


Paul Jevert

Ooop's Sorry Mark about the slip but enjoy your day and cruise anyway !

06/12/17 01:02 PM #152    

Kenneth Perlman

Thank you all (few) who remembered my birthday. Its an amazing year for all of us. Seems like overnight but somehow, some way 70 years passed by. And of course we are the lucky ones.My very best to all of you. 

Ken Perlman


11/08/17 05:29 PM #153    

Edward Feldman

Greetings all from the cool, grey, but still spectacular San Francisco Bay Area, many thanks to those who remembered my birthday. Agree with kenny pearlman who commented that we are among the lucky ones! warmest regards, ed feldman

11/24/17 05:40 PM #154    

Allen Lev

Thanks for the kind words

04/19/18 06:12 PM #155    

Arthur. (Dan) Ruda

I never knew that Norm could raise people from beyond... ie Al Ruben.
That's the school SPIRIT!

04/20/18 01:34 PM #156    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Ha Ha.  Good One!  Congratulations to Al (of course) and Norm!

Annette Van Veen Gippe




04/21/18 07:01 PM #157    


Susan Moise (Herman)

Sorry to hear that the news of Al's death were true!  Condolences to his family.  So sad.

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