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Douglas Stitt

Douglas Stitt

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09/29/14 04:18 PM #1    

Edward Hoornaert (Hoornaert)

Doug played the bassoon in South Shore's band and orchestra--the only bassoonist either group ever had, as I recall. His eventual wife, Cathy (Swinford), played flute, and as I played oboe, the three of us were frequently together. I wish I knew more of their courtship and marriage, because they were both good friends and good people.  RIP, Doug!

09/30/14 09:38 AM #2    

Diane Knox (Dawe)

I went to Bryn Mare with Doug we lived just 3 blocks from each other. We dated the first 3 years in high school and we hit all the Tri and Try dances. Those were the only time his dad let us have a car for a date lol can you see today's kids taking buses, trains, and walking on dates.  I was hoping to see him next year it is sad he is gone. 

06/28/15 10:00 AM #3    

Michael Grant

A year or so after SSHS, Doug followed his family tradition (Dad and older brother) of serving in the US Navy. He joined about the same time I joined the USMC. I remember his stories of his time stationed in the Phillipines with his pregnant wife - Cathy (Swinford, also from SSHS).

He often spoke of wanting to be a forest ranger, close to nature. Years later he moved his family to Tennessee. He enjoyed playing guitar for friends and is missed by many. RIP Doug.


06/29/15 12:29 PM #4    

Edward Hoornaert (Hoornaert)

Mike, have you ever heard anything about what has happened with Cathy? I keep hoping she'll join the site so I can say hi.

06/29/15 01:07 PM #5    

Marjorie Webb (Valenti)

Ed, she had a small stroke a while back as well as a triple bypass.  She is living in a nursing home near her two sons.  

06/29/15 04:45 PM #6    

Mark Podolner

I knew Doug pretty well too since he and Cathy and Ed and I were in the band together. (I played the clarinet). Doug and Cathy and Stan White (trumpet) and I hung out a fair amount with some of the people in the band. Does anyone know anything about Stan White? I was sorry to hear about Doug's passing and Cathy's medical condition. 

06/29/15 07:56 PM #7    

Edward Hoornaert (Hoornaert)

Thanks for the update about Cathy, Marjorie. Sad information, but I guess it's better to know than not to know. In my memory, both Cathy and Doug are still young and vibrant, and I'll keep them that way.

And Mark, like you I've wondered about Stan White. All of us were good friends as members of the band. Heck, if there'd been such things as band camp back then, we probably would have attended together. After graduaction, in the summer of either '70 or '71, Stan and I took a road trip to New York, driving his aunts to visit family in Albany.  We lost contact sometime after that, unfortunately.

06/29/15 08:11 PM #8    

Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Lovely people. We spent time in Sunday School and grew up together.

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