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10/17/16 11:37 AM #83    


Peggy Brunner (Thurman)


A big thank you for all the work you have placed on the reunion and the website.

Peggy Brunner-Thurman

10/18/16 07:13 PM #84    

Ann Kurland (Adler)

Peggy, I sat across the aisle from you in homeroom and I remember that you were sweet, thoughtful, caring and considerate and always had a welcoming, friendly smile.  These qualities have only gotten better as you got older.  Hope we get to meet sometime.

10/20/16 06:39 PM #85    


Mark Podolner

Again I want to thank Andy and Michael for joining me in the inexpensive way to end the ads on this site for a year. And thanks to Margie for facilitating it all. If anyone actually read the Ron Paul ads they lead to an interesting place, which is not political. If you followed the ad to the video it was a very long presentation by Paul on how the U.S. economy and our government is doomed because of X, Y, and Z. But rather than argue what can be done to change our politics to prevent this collapse, Paul was using this infomercial to argue that nothing can be done to save the country as a whole but that if you buy this book he was peddling you can learn not only how to survive the apocalypse but to profit from it. So, in a way, it was more commercial than political but I am certainly happy that it is gone. And you can count on the fact that I will never bring up a political or commerical idea or position on this forum. 

However, several 1965 graduates of SSHS have have become my facebook friends and I would welcome others. I do talk about politics but also, philosophy, interpersonal relationships, psychological dynamics, art, early childhood education, science, technology and more. Frankly, I'm not very nostalgic so I don't participate much on this site. In addition my memory is shot and I just can't remember alot of what when on 51 years ago. None-the-less I support this site and will continue to do so. I also have met in person, for lunch, participants on the "I grew up in Chicago (South Shore Web site) and I've really enjoyed it since we tend to talk about the present (which I can sometimes remember). Most of the people are a few years younger than me but it's hard to tell at this age. They were more in my younger brother's year. So if you're interested in that group let me know. A special incentive is that we often eat at the incomparable Manny's in Chicago. 


10/21/16 09:28 AM #86    


Michael Klaper

Glad to contribute to this forum and my high school friends that gave me so much during those formative years.

"That's what friends are for..."

Health and Harmony to all...


10/22/16 06:14 PM #87    

Steven Andes

Let's have lunch together.  I am sure Manny's has something vegetarian.  And I work not far from there.


10/23/16 03:21 PM #88    


Mark Podolner

That's a great idea Steve - count me in! I've done it twice with the "I Grew up in South Shore" group and it was great both times. Also, they have some excellent kugel for the vegetarians. I suggest putting out some dates and times and seeing what works for people. Regretably, I'll be having knee replacement surgery on November 17 so that might get in the way of the first lunch get-together but there's no reason we couldn't do this on an ongoing basis. 

10/24/16 08:21 AM #89    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Count me in too!!! I do not work close to Manny's but could make it a half day!



10/24/16 09:45 AM #90    


Susan Moise (Herman)



 Sorry, been in Italy for past month so just catching up. Happy to see a few good folks have helped is all with

getting rid of the political ads (think we see enough everywhere else!).

Love to join a group at Manny's if it happens before 1st of year or when I get back from Snowbird land. So hope we can find a date that works for a bunch of us.

Good luck with the knee replacement surgery- friend just did it this Speing and is doing great!







10/25/16 11:18 AM #91    

Barbara Newman (Seyfried)

Thanks for posting all the updates. Please include me in the lunch get togethers too.  I will be back in Chicago next May 2017.  Next year 2017 is our special birthday year for all of us so it would be fun to have one big birthday lunch  celebration!!!!

10/25/16 11:42 AM #92    


Susan Moise (Herman)


Well for most as I went to summer school to graduate grammer school.

I figure every year is special now! But great idea for celebration lunch!


10/26/16 10:57 AM #93    


Joni Rittenberg (Ribera)

Would love to attend a birthday lunch since I didn't get to our reunion. Weather is a nice important factor for many of us. We live in Mexico and no longer do snow or cold. How about the beginning of May? Should be beautiful then and before hoards of kids are out of school traveling. Would love to see some of my old friends.

10/26/16 02:35 PM #94    

Steven Andes

I will check with Manny to see if they have a meeting room where we can all gather for lunch.



10/27/16 06:15 AM #95    


Susan Moise (Herman)

Great idea, Steve!

10/27/16 07:24 AM #96    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

Woo Hoo!!! 


10/27/16 11:36 AM #97    


Mark Podolner

I don't think they have such a room but I could be wrong. The "I Grew up in South Shore" facebook group would just grab a large table and get together there. It's noisy but it works. Also, I don't think we're going to attract a large crowd to downtown Chicago unless there's a lot more people working there than I thought. I also wouldn't worry if everyone who wants to come can't make it (like me if it's after Nov. 17) because we can just do it again at Manny's or someplace else. You can go crazy trying to find a date that works for everyone. 

10/27/16 01:33 PM #98    

Steven Andes

I was thinking of next spring given comments about people leaving for the winter.  When do you plan to return, Mark?

10/28/16 07:11 AM #99    


Susan Moise (Herman)

Spring works for me as I winter in FL as well!


10/28/16 07:18 AM #100    


Annette VanVeen (Gippe)

I think we should have a goodbye to Mark's old knee lunch before the 17th.

10/28/16 11:23 AM #101    


Mark Podolner

I agree with Anette - Let's see if we can get a date in the next few weeks for a small luncheon at Manny's whether we celebrate the loss of my arthritic knee or not. If the basic recovery period averages 3 monhths I would be mobile and comfortable in February (though I would think I could go to lunch much earlier). In the middle of April my wife and I are going on a Mediterranian sea cruise folllowed by a week in Spain. So I'd be back in the middle of May approximately. 

How about November 9 or 10 for luch at Manny's? There might just be a few of us but then we could plan the next one. 

10/28/16 11:57 AM #102    

Gus Pappas

mark who will be doing your knee replacement?

10/28/16 12:34 PM #103    


Nancy Apel (Jones)

Hi Annette it was great meeting for lunch!we have to do it again soon!good luck on your surgery mark!i wish I could join all of you for lunch but we will be out of town.we do need to celebrate our 70th birthdays togethe in May.


10/29/16 01:31 PM #104    


Mark Podolner

Gus - 

My knee replacement surgery is being done by Dr. Richard L. Rosseau at Good Samaratin Hospital. Are you in the business? Do you have any advice? 


10/29/16 03:01 PM #105    


Nancy Apel (Jones)

Hi gus!it is great to see your name here!it has been a long time since division with Mrs.Gordon.i was hoping you would make it to our reunion.i happy to see your life turned out well and you found happiness!looking forward to seeing you again.

10/30/16 02:02 PM #106    


Michael Segal

" Hey A - Rod , get off the commentator desk and shoot some ROIDS into to the butts of the CUB team " !!!

Yours truly Michael Segal from Miami Beach.

10/31/16 06:25 AM #107    


Susan Moise (Herman)

Could use his bat!!

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