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Gayle Shuchter

Gayle Shuchter

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09/18/14 10:35 PM #1    

Mark Podolner

Gayle died in 2003 after a long struggle with breast cancer. She was living in Jamestown, Colorado at the time but had friends all over the country that she and her and then her husband, Bill, kept in touch with during this ordeal. She had two daughters who have now graduated college and one is a Ph.D in the field of astrophysics.  When she was healthier she worked as a social worker in Boulder. 

Going back in time I was in Kindergarten with Gayle at Bryn Mawr but we really didn't didn't connect until I was at the end of high  school and she started college at the University of Wisconsin. I don't know how it happened but I remember that our first date was a Lyndon Johnson rally. After a tumultous relationship we got married and had a tumultuos marriage which lasted all of 5 years. After our divorce she met a great guy and moved to Jamestown, I  believe, near Boulder, and lived the country life she always dreamed of. 

Gayle was a live wire and an active participant in all kinds of activities at South Shore - everything from drama to class officer to GAA to talent show, etc. She was extremely popular which is probably why I never got to know her in high school since I was a recluse in the band but she wasn't a snob of any kind and really cared about people (even a reccluse from the band). 

She was intense. We were both intense (Aries born 8 hours apart - not a good astrological  combination) but I still think of her and miss the way she could genuintely express heartfelt  feelings. What a tragic loss. 

04/13/15 04:09 PM #2    

Richard Sugar

I was saddened to learn of Gayle's passing.  I remember her larger than life personality.  I had cast her in the leading female role in our senior class play, because I had a secret crush on her.  How dumb of me, because in the play, Dean Alexander, whom I cast in the leading male role, had the opportunity to embrace her and kiss her.  I did not use my role as Director smartly enough to pursue my love interest, but the play - The Apollo of Bellac -  turned out to be a smashing school success. Gayle will be missed.

04/14/15 03:14 PM #3    

Mark Podolner

What a really nice tribute to Gayle, Richard. I was wondering what happened to the many friends she had in high school. I'm not sorry you lost your "love interest" for obvious reasons but I really appreciate your memories of Gayle. 

04/14/15 04:33 PM #4    

Rosalyn Weinstein (Rakhael Ross)

I was also at Bryn Mawr and remember Gayle. I knew her in high school but we were not close friends. My heart goes to her family.


06/28/15 02:20 PM #5    

Kenneth Perlman

I'm only now reading these beautiful tributes. Apparently it was my loss that I did not know her or many  of you better. 

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